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Having both read and analysed much of John Calhoun’s Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia experiment I feel compelled to have shared my thoughts as previously published in part 2:

  1. …That “Religion” is merely a scripted paternalism of orderly yet coercive – expectation codex of sociological interactions handed down from one generation to the next.
  2. …Irrespective if you are a”Man” or a “woman” or inbetween – nobody is benign. Irrespective through direct (physical / aggression) and/or indirect (structural / coercion) forms of violence – there is no innocence in instincts. 
  3. Lastly, our persistent confusion over what a “meaningful life” or “meaningful work” I believe – can be addressed  by reconciling that everything we do carries a symbiotic relationships between meanings (the why and how – the biology and physicalities) and rewards (the “product/s” and “outcomes”).

Now we are arriving into this third (and final) part of this write up – as an attempt to address the biggest question of all that remains anxiously silenced. Before we proceed, here is my disclaimer.

With all due respect to dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, professors, politicians, sociologists, data-scientists, lawyers, economists, engineers, chemists, physicists, philosophers, and scholars of the world wide web or of various institutions – please understand that I bear no similar titles in front of my name, nor that I carry similar profession credentials within my career taglines or in my curriculum vitaes. Hence I willingly admit that none of this article herein may impart a realistic or pragmatically “sound” or “remotely usable” advice as a “solution”. Many of the writing of these article/s stems as a journal of my own inert curiosities; at observing and addressing on the world’s problems, and turbulences from a bird’s eye view that is rarely discussed in a whollistical, connected symbiotic manners highlighting the overlapping concern/s of  nutrition, psychology, biology, philosophy, and sociology.  AW™ / andrewwiguna.com
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Where to go from here /
What can we do?

Richard Buckminster Fuller once said;

“There is no energy crisis. Only a crisis in ignorance.”

Let’s put that quote into perspective from what we’ve learned from Universe 25. The holding capacity was 4,000 mice. Yet population only peaked at 2,200. Food was infinite. Climate was eternally ideal. No external predators.

There must be something we’ve either overlooked; or underlooked from how we’ve managed the potentials of ourselves; as factors of “ignorance”. Perhaps one clue we can “start” looking “from” would be our history wouldn’t it? Can we perhaps then, take a trip back to memory lane?

Interestingly – absolutely no other point of civilisation ever since the dawn of discovering petroleum, then agriculture (upon which petroleum is used for food production), the invention of “money” as an instrument of exchange, the banking system, invention of commerce’s, then the light bulb, nuclear power, automobiles, the Internet, the penicillin, aspirin, low-dose naltrexones and now – artificial intelligences – have changed our lives in such a short amount of time.

Compared to perhaps going back longer than 300 years, or even 1000 or 100,000 years ago, things have been conservatively slow in overall human meritocratic and scientific progress. Unadmittedly; we continue to DIVERT these progress to something else far more destructive. Effectively reversing our meaningful interpretation of what Life “is”.

We are at a “stand-still”.

What I genuinely fear; is that we are inching closer and closer at arriving for a global consensus so difficult to comprehend it’d be likely petrifying.

Either that we are still believing or still at disbelief; that overpopulation or overconsumption – is hardly an issue at all. We ponder about it but forgets as soon as we collect our monthly pay cheques by being enslaved in an air-conditioned building. We thought about it; but forced to involuntary slavery before receiving barely of any income support beyond a national poverty line.

That tipping point I feel is similarly akin to the Phases C; as per what the Universe 25 study considered to be a period of “Stagnation”.

I for sure am increasingly convinced and arriving more likely – that I am convinced to never start a family to further perpetuate and as added burden – of added consumption. “Starting a family” already sounds increasingly nothing but a futile vision. A rather costly and expensive one at that. Given just how much danger and competition there is once a growing child tries to survive on their own, and then trying not to forget also – the amount of resources (hint: privileges) required to sustain another human being – from birth until death.

All through these societal concepts of “Employment”, “Religion” and/or “Faith”. Then enforced as “Laws” and “Institutionalisations” through marriages, mortgages, divorces, then debt-collectors, painkillers, stomach ulcers, metabolic syndromes, statins, proton-pump inhibitor prescriptions, zanax, and finally – suicidal tendencies…. – is this a “dream” made to serve everyone else OTHER than one’s own “self”? 

If so, then I cannot fathom how insanely troubled or how psychotically sick and delusional we all are; still having remained subservient under this self-imploding System. For far too long. 

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Neo8iam @ Pexels.com

What we can start – is from our own selves.

At least, all the best clue; AT THE ROOT OF ALL SUCH OUTCOMES we have so far is this – we still have Resources to begin with to distribute and to give. This is already reflective to us that these are all we have left to work WITH.

That also – we have some mutual degrees of self-incentivisations for self-authenticity for us to work FROM – each as contributing markers towards self-discipline.

We can solve problems. Perhaps not collectively, but we can start thinking about our own solutions individually. We may not be able to truly prevent metabolic syndromes or any crimes or violent behaviours collectively but we can understand that causal progress of this pathology is individually case specific.

I stress; therefore –  for us all to reconcile our own individual incentives for rationalising our own existence. All incentives regardless; potentiates other contributing markers for discipline. At least, my book thus far revolves around one of such markers – that being Self-Authenticity.

I of course, cannot ever provide any other possible “markers” as substitutes to further contribute both the meaningful and communal – human progress. Just like I made a big typographical statement at the home page – I cannot ever provide every “objective” answer or “empirical solution” to each and every one of the World’s Problems.

I sound hopeless. But I know at least we have a starting a point with what we have as resources. On top of these – we have our own selves to work from; enabling us to reconcile what we can and cannot do.

…The rest? I shall leave to your own pragmatic imagination.

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Mark Galer on Unsplash

My definition of “Utopia”.

An established (that is; after much planning and every possible transition processes) – fairness of synchronised perception between incentives, rewards, and challenges. A world without excessive coercions yet progressively – allow liberal voices of secular interests and privacy. A world thus; built out of resilience, pragmatism and realism.

One contributing factor nevertheless remains beneath each and everyone of us; and that is rooted within our biology. That is our interpretive reconciling of our internal abilities….And in turn the understanding of our own limits of these to serve – our external liabilities. 

I can only hypothesize the one and only last underlying factor in addressing all of our present concerns – our own capacity of reasoning through biological Humility at understanding, mediating and disciplining – our paradigm of “consumption” itself. Through nutritively living within our means. Humility after all is an individual, biological expression, reception and understanding of what “enough” means.

Firstly – no more “politics”.

I believe, the management of our human household – being our planet and that of our own “selves” – must be somehow composed out of two things – uncoercive technological distribution / provision, with Human-centric goals as reception to all needs – automatically aware of an individual minute genetic and biological circumstances away as criterias. Not by following dietary “guidelines for all”.

Provided that first – equal measure of liberal access to resources; such as consumables and foods are distributed structurally FREE of coercions. FREE of any prerequisite instrument/s as “debt” or “leverage”. FREE of any singular dominance’s of institutional faiths. 

A strong part of me believes that if there is one realm, one invention that can serve back their principals to  Humanity unbelievably free of coercive bias is simply –Technology.

Next – “politics” as legitimised policies – shall inevitably erodes as the efficacy of technology replaces human cognitive ability at “management”. Politicians absolutely have NO place in the rungs of every management for every variable human needs and sensitivities. Likewise the brainwashed egoistic dieticians amongst glossy magazines and TV shows.

To think that an entire country (or several) are ruled by biological entities we decoratively label as “Rulers”, “Prime Minister/s” or “President/s”and then collectively via correctional “Institution/s”; to decide and make thus every structural implications to all of human variabilities down to grossly simplified / consolidated solution as “guideline” or “re-corrections” institutes are both without a doubt; an unthinkable humor in blissful ignorance. 

If Richard B. Fuller were still alive, he’d remain correct. We truly are living in delusional ignorance.

But I shall add one more criteria that should also be excluded. Beyond politics.

davidluigioneail @ pixabay.com
davidluigioneail @ pixabay.com


For what little preparedness; for that I am likely to be deserted or disowned by those of my family; blood or not blood related – I base all of my morals and principles through both Primal physicalities, Primal And Principal – tangible experiences. Not by Faith via poetic scriptures or speculations.

I would not let any “Religion” or non-physical codex subscription of “faith”; clouds over both my primal individuality and primal – authenticity. My first (and forced) subscription of such faith – Baptism – is merely a political passport to certify that life is thus granted under a given name. My name, printed nicely on a “certificate”. 

What else does “it” principally or primally offers me? 30, 40, 50, 80, 90 or 100 years later? Absolutely nothing.

This “concept” or “attempt” should I say; at unifying humanity as one interpretive “Faith” – has to go. What good is it establishing this concept as nothing more but a super-natural belief of “Faith”? Over real human beings with real implications? We’ve killed one another for far too long; stemming all from this basis. 

A sense of belonging is simply a matter of finding and establishing biological, hormonal, neurological – affinity with one to another. What does that have to do with “Faith”? Nothing.  Does having a “Faith” have a say in all of this? No. Does one requires “Faith” to have a principal sense of belonging? Absolutely not. If one is principally or primally “nice” to me; then do I need to question his/her “sense of iconographic belonging”? No.

Why? It’s redundant for me to ask anyway. There is no need for this added criteria to conduct a humane exchange.

If we can dissect this very word “Religion” itself; we shall then one day realise their frivolous (or perhaps violent) redundancy to human progress. And hopefully move on to live, cherish and realise every moments physically at present.

“Re” = A repeat; A pattern. And “- Legion” = of soldiers as legionnaire to influence, dominate and conquer to preserve “faith” for the “supernatural”…. This vision is not rationally compassionate. I just cannot see it. I am sorry.

Nathan Dumlao @ Unsplash.com

The fallacy of Humility – as unlimited charity.

Another reason I forward as Religion’s redundancy – is that of its sheer ignorance to assume that human nature (and perhaps all of fauna) are all forever self-compensatory in all events of dangers, threats and scarcities.

I must admit that likewise similar assumption of “faith” is also apparent in my book; since it is largely based more or less the nuanced resilient benefits of the Ketogenic nutritional principles; which mimics to Fasting.

Does that mean I should Fast forever, as my codex of living? Absolutely not. Does that mean that abstaining carbohydrates forever therefore is my mark of humility? That is absurd.  I need my carbohydrate refeeds to reset my leptin, thank you. I can be very selective of “food” because my concern on their use is based on context/s be it metabolic (digestibility / readiness / sensitivities) and sociological (degrees of access) circumstances. Thus I remain neutral and impartial to “food”.

I see food as precursors to glycogen, fatty acids, amino acids and ketones. “Religion” on the other hand – blindly follows blanketed notion of perpetual “faith”. Religion is never impartial to how it daringly labels entire human “beings” as binary semantics. It just forces you to keep believing into this binary subscription perpetually forever. That either you are black or white. Purity or evil. Noble or reckless.

I must assert that I bear no frowns against those dedicating their lives and efforts to charity “work”. Indeed more than what I can praise in a single line – they are representatives of unconditional service for the greater many. However sadly they are indoctrinated behind this “unconditionality” servitude. Unbeknownst for believing that their very own lives are owned and claimed by an entity illustriously, majestically, ethereally – claimed to be so super natural – they cannot help but succumb to hear voices other than their authentic own.

Religion assumes that charity is a force of compassion; backed by unlimited contingencies should one thing depletes to keep all symbiosis of this act of charity, “purity”, or nobility servitude – alive, enabled and going. Sadly – this is absurd and hardly representative to the sacrificial biological, metabolical, chemical however you wish to call it – chaotic cycles of nature.

I could deadlift for however as long as I want – but if I cannot afford anymore extra strength Aspirin (or should my stomach lining is destroyed) or Tylenol (or addiction to it), surgeries or physio appointments – all for earning my next entry at the next weightlifting champion event, all in the so called name of “God” – or for the next cancer research foundation – then is it my fault then is it for that I am not a man of purity? Is it my fault that I can no longer afford my monthly Oxfam® charity donation – yet alone affording my petrol to go for that next job interview – required sacrifice of my own meals for the week?

Well, in the virtuosity of Religion – their answer is “yes”. I am condemned for being not “good” enough for that I am unable to simultaneously accomodate all circumstances.

Timothy Meinberg @ Unsplash.com

Wrapping it up.

The Mouse Utopia Experiment reminds us all that abundance can indeed be defiled, misused and abused. The underlying reason to this is from the interpretation between what is “use” and what is “abuse”. Which remains yet to be individually reconciled at a biological level at interpreting what “enough” means.

If you are an institutionalised conforming pedestrian, you will have no idea what I have just written. If you are already living comfortably within your means, then none of this project including my book; appeals any relevance to you.

Only that once upon waves of change are at you / AGAINST you or when you have run out of contingencies to keep living the way you are right now – then you will realise – all the above will one day form a picture that ONLY YOU CAN RELATE TO. So that one day, they will make sense to only you. That is – an initiation to reconcile your own interpretation of what enough means as part of embarking your own self-authenticity away from a previously-subscribed, excessively institutionalised, Pedestrian Normalcy.

One thing we can all make a start; is to question our existing stories of life and that of our liabilities to external benefactors.

Muriel Rukeyser, after all once said, “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

I leave it up to you whether you are dreamers or walkers.

My definition or such element/s of “Utopia” admittedly is far from perfect. It may not even be pragmatically feasible. But it is at least what I envision to be logisticallyrational. If I am however further and further institutionally coerced to merge with anything of same oneness to that of “societal normalcy” – then I shall likely refuse. 

If fairness of distribution hasn’t ever reached in my lifetime; then at least I know and one day will die comfortably knowing; that at the very least – solidarity or search for solitude – remains to be the most logistical route of rationalising who and what I am to this world. This logic, this influence; of “The Beautiful Ones” – at least – has been unknowingly a ubiquitous part of me all along since birth.

One “Life” after all, is only “One more” – either gentle or eventually rational – suicide. 


So it ends my thoughts on the Mouse Utopia. Please leave your comments below.

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