Cyclic Keto+IF 1.5 year anniversary / $25-32 per week average.

CKD+IF 1.5 year anniversary / $25-32 per week average.

My experience within Cyclical Keto+IF is soon nearing one year and half. A reflection I believe is well deserved. Just in time for my own birthday present. That is – still reclaiming my own presence amidst all waves of challenges. So far… Stephen Hawking said it […]

Where / How shall we begin?

Where / How shall we begin?

1047 @ Welcome to the Internet’s least visited alternative thoughts on wellness and nutrition. Here I clarify for new readers to my book seven (7) starting food for thoughts. This Page is subject to periodical revisions overtime for pragmatic clarity.  1/7 What this Book offers. This […]

“Live-It-Forward” Gratuity Model

“Live-It-Forward” Gratuity Model

JR Korpa @ Unsplash Few people likely understand what I mean by “Live-It-Forward” model*. Here I clarify my differences versus that of the famed Pay It Forward Model. *Note that this is largely a hypothesis in the making, thus revisions & re-clarifications are inevitable. What is […]

Humility says hello to MeWe

Humility says hello to MeWe®

Given nobody chimed in their thoughts to my previous article, I’ve decided to proceed all-in to try out MeWe. The prominent alternative against Facebook® and Twitter®. I’d be grateful for anyone to visit the new presence now as-is. Why MeWe + Brief reminder. In a […]

Humility Says Hello To The World: Version 1.7

Humility Says Hello To The World: Version 1.7

Now available for viewing and reviewing. Version 1.7 / January – March 2019. Another exhaustive rewriting of almost 80% of the entire book’s content; all for sincerity, clarity and assertion. Various updates on questions-meet-answers on Ketogenic, Cylical Ketogenic + IF interventions + more references and […]

Humility Says Hello To The World: Manuscript Version 1.6

Humility Says Hello To The World: Version 1.6

Manuscript / The Book Version 1.6 is here. Version 1.6 This is going to be a smaller series of changes due to the previous (and prior to that even larger) volume of changes – I feel as though now it is becoming increasingly easier to […]

Web usability / design update attempts (April 2018)

Web usability / design update attempts (April 2018)

I must admit; throughout all my years as a creative. Little else frustrates me more than customising every bit of a web page design. Consider that my tagline being Multi-Disciplinary – that I am a Humility of many, yet a Master of none. Whether it […]

Humility Says Hello To The World - Manuscript Version 1.5

Humility Says Hello To The World – Manuscript Version 1.5

Version 1.5 is here. Download. Share. And thrive beyond normalcy. What’s new – Version 1.5 The biggest and obvious is for me discussing the needs and implications of Intermittent Fasting. As I have written and set convinced – I have been for close to three […]

Humility Through Frugality™ Version 1.4 / 4th Edition

Humility says hello to the world – Manuscript Version 1.4

Version 1.4 / 4th edition / April – August 2017 Manuscript is now available for Download. First of all, what can I say. This must be the most exhausting, the most difficult, the most controversial, series of changes ever to be implemented throughout its intensive […]

How big is the update for the manuscript version 1.4?

If I have to condense in two words. Very big. The most difficult revision of all, is yet to come. It’s 9:19PM and yet I am due for my next Keto meal post workout. Usually it would have been much earlier but these round of […]