Basic Bread yeast free [NSFK]

This Is™ Humility – Basic Bread (Yeast Free)

<Insert long winded food-porn addiction story here> A NSFK (Not Safe For Keto) recipe. But certainly for CKD carb refeeds. “Rich” or “Poor” – if you think cooking perfect rice is hard, brace yourself. This is by far the most difficult recipes as it took […]

Cyclic Keto+IF 1.5 year anniversary / $25-32 per week average.

CKD+IF 1.5 year anniversary / $25-32 per week average.

My experience within Cyclical Keto+IF is soon nearing one year and half. A reflection I believe is well deserved. Just in time for my own birthday present. That is – still reclaiming my own presence amidst all waves of challenges. So far… Stephen Hawking said it […]