(Part 3/3) Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia : My conclusion

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Having both read and analysed much of John Calhoun’s Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia experiment I feel compelled to have shared my thoughts as previously published in part 2:

  1. …That “Religion” is merely a scripted paternalism of orderly yet coercive – expectation codex of sociological interactions handed down from one generation to the next.
  2. …Irrespective if you are a”Man” or a “woman” or inbetween – nobody is benign. Irrespective through direct (physical / aggression) and/or indirect (structural / coercion) forms of violence – there is no innocence in instincts. 
  3. Lastly, our persistent confusion over what a “meaningful life” or “meaningful work” I believe – can be addressed  by reconciling that everything we do carries a symbiotic relationships between meanings (the why and how – the biology and physicalities) and rewards (the “product/s” and “outcomes”).

Now we are arriving into this third (and final) part of this write up – as an attempt to address the biggest question of all that remains anxiously silenced. Before we proceed, here is my disclaimer.

With all due respect to dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, professors, politicians, sociologists, data-scientists, lawyers, economists, engineers, chemists, physicists, philosophers, and scholars of the world wide web or of various institutions – please understand that I bear no similar titles in front of my name, nor that I carry similar profession credentials within my career taglines or in my curriculum vitaes. Hence I willingly admit that none of this article herein may impart a realistic or pragmatically “sound” or “remotely usable” advice as a “solution”. Many of the writing of these article/s stems as a journal of my own inert curiosities; at observing and addressing on the world’s problems, and turbulences from a bird’s eye view that is rarely discussed in a whollistical, connected symbiotic manners highlighting the overlapping concern/s of  nutrition, psychology, biology, philosophy, and sociology.  AW™ / andrewwiguna.com
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Where to go from here /
What can we do?

Richard Buckminster Fuller once said;

“There is no energy crisis. Only a crisis in ignorance.”

Let’s put that quote into perspective from what we’ve learned from Universe 25. The holding capacity was 4,000 mice. Yet population only peaked at 2,200. Food was infinite. Climate was eternally ideal. No external predators.

There must be something we’ve either overlooked; or underlooked from how we’ve managed the potentials of ourselves; as factors of “ignorance”. Perhaps one clue we can “start” looking “from” would be our history wouldn’t it? Can we perhaps then, take a trip back to memory lane?

Interestingly – absolutely no other point of civilisation ever since the dawn of discovering petroleum, then agriculture (upon which petroleum is used for food production), the invention of “money” as an instrument of exchange, the banking system, invention of commerce’s, then the light bulb, nuclear power, automobiles, the Internet, the penicillin, aspirin, low-dose naltrexones and now – artificial intelligences – have changed our lives in such a short amount of time.

Compared to perhaps going back longer than 300 years, or even 1000 or 100,000 years ago, things have been conservatively slow in overall human meritocratic and scientific progress. Unadmittedly; we continue to DIVERT these progress to something else far more destructive. Effectively reversing our meaningful interpretation of what Life “is”.

We are at a “stand-still”.

What I genuinely fear; is that we are inching closer and closer at arriving for a global consensus so difficult to comprehend it’d be likely petrifying.

Either that we are still believing or still at disbelief; that overpopulation or overconsumption – is hardly an issue at all. We ponder about it but forgets as soon as we collect our monthly pay cheques by being enslaved in an air-conditioned building. We thought about it; but forced to involuntary slavery before receiving barely of any income support beyond a national poverty line.

That tipping point I feel is similarly akin to the Phases C; as per what the Universe 25 study considered to be a period of “Stagnation”.

I for sure am increasingly convinced and arriving more likely – that I am convinced to never start a family to further perpetuate and as added burden – of added consumption. “Starting a family” already sounds increasingly nothing but a futile vision. A rather costly and expensive one at that. Given just how much danger and competition there is once a growing child tries to survive on their own, and then trying not to forget also – the amount of resources (hint: privileges) required to sustain another human being – from birth until death.

All through these societal concepts of “Employment”, “Religion” and/or “Faith”. Then enforced as “Laws” and “Institutionalisations” through marriages, mortgages, divorces, then debt-collectors, painkillers, stomach ulcers, metabolic syndromes, statins, proton-pump inhibitor prescriptions, zanax, and finally – suicidal tendencies…. – is this a “dream” made to serve everyone else OTHER than one’s own “self”? 

If so, then I cannot fathom how insanely troubled or how psychotically sick and delusional we all are; still having remained subservient under this self-imploding System. For far too long. 

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Neo8iam @ Pexels.com

What we can start – is from our own selves.

At least, all the best clue; AT THE ROOT OF ALL SUCH OUTCOMES we have so far is this – we still have Resources to begin with to distribute and to give. This is already reflective to us that these are all we have left to work WITH.

That also – we have some mutual degrees of self-incentivisations for self-authenticity for us to work FROM – each as contributing markers towards self-discipline.

We can solve problems. Perhaps not collectively, but we can start thinking about our own solutions individually. We may not be able to truly prevent metabolic syndromes or any crimes or violent behaviours collectively but we can understand that causal progress of this pathology is individually case specific.

I stress; therefore –  for us all to reconcile our own individual incentives for rationalising our own existence. All incentives regardless; potentiates other contributing markers for discipline. At least, my book thus far revolves around one of such markers – that being Self-Authenticity.

I of course, cannot ever provide any other possible “markers” as substitutes to further contribute both the meaningful and communal – human progress. Just like I made a big typographical statement at the home page – I cannot ever provide every “objective” answer or “empirical solution” to each and every one of the World’s Problems.

I sound hopeless. But I know at least we have a starting a point with what we have as resources. On top of these – we have our own selves to work from; enabling us to reconcile what we can and cannot do.

…The rest? I shall leave to your own pragmatic imagination.

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Mark Galer on Unsplash

My definition of “Utopia”.

An established (that is; after much planning and every possible transition processes) – fairness of synchronised perception between incentives, rewards, and challenges. A world without excessive coercions yet progressively – allow liberal voices of secular interests and privacy. A world thus; built out of resilience, pragmatism and realism.

One contributing factor nevertheless remains beneath each and everyone of us; and that is rooted within our biology. That is our interpretive reconciling of our internal abilities….And in turn the understanding of our own limits of these to serve – our external liabilities. 

I can only hypothesize the one and only last underlying factor in addressing all of our present concerns – our own capacity of reasoning through biological Humility at understanding, mediating and disciplining – our paradigm of “consumption” itself. Through nutritively living within our means. Humility after all is an individual, biological expression, reception and understanding of what “enough” means.

Firstly – no more “politics”.

I believe, the management of our human household – being our planet and that of our own “selves” – must be somehow composed out of two things – uncoercive technological distribution / provision, with Human-centric goals as reception to all needs – automatically aware of an individual minute genetic and biological circumstances away as criterias. Not by following dietary “guidelines for all”.

Provided that first – equal measure of liberal access to resources; such as consumables and foods are distributed structurally FREE of coercions. FREE of any prerequisite instrument/s as “debt” or “leverage”. FREE of any singular dominance’s of institutional faiths. 

A strong part of me believes that if there is one realm, one invention that can serve back their principals to  Humanity unbelievably free of coercive bias is simply –Technology.

Next – “politics” as legitimised policies – shall inevitably erodes as the efficacy of technology replaces human cognitive ability at “management”. Politicians absolutely have NO place in the rungs of every management for every variable human needs and sensitivities. Likewise the brainwashed egoistic dieticians amongst glossy magazines and TV shows.

To think that an entire country (or several) are ruled by biological entities we decoratively label as “Rulers”, “Prime Minister/s” or “President/s”and then collectively via correctional “Institution/s”; to decide and make thus every structural implications to all of human variabilities down to grossly simplified / consolidated solution as “guideline” or “re-corrections” institutes are both without a doubt; an unthinkable humor in blissful ignorance. 

If Richard B. Fuller were still alive, he’d remain correct. We truly are living in delusional ignorance.

But I shall add one more criteria that should also be excluded. Beyond politics.

davidluigioneail @ pixabay.com
davidluigioneail @ pixabay.com


For what little preparedness; for that I am likely to be deserted or disowned by those of my family; blood or not blood related – I base all of my morals and principles through both Primal physicalities, Primal And Principal – tangible experiences. Not by Faith via poetic scriptures or speculations.

I would not let any “Religion” or non-physical codex subscription of “faith”; clouds over both my primal individuality and primal – authenticity. My first (and forced) subscription of such faith – Baptism – is merely a political passport to certify that life is thus granted under a given name. My name, printed nicely on a “certificate”. 

What else does “it” principally or primally offers me? 30, 40, 50, 80, 90 or 100 years later? Absolutely nothing.

This “concept” or “attempt” should I say; at unifying humanity as one interpretive “Faith” – has to go. What good is it establishing this concept as nothing more but a super-natural belief of “Faith”? Over real human beings with real implications? We’ve killed one another for far too long; stemming all from this basis. 

A sense of belonging is simply a matter of finding and establishing biological, hormonal, neurological – affinity with one to another. What does that have to do with “Faith”? Nothing.  Does having a “Faith” have a say in all of this? No. Does one requires “Faith” to have a principal sense of belonging? Absolutely not. If one is principally or primally “nice” to me; then do I need to question his/her “sense of iconographic belonging”? No.

Why? It’s redundant for me to ask anyway. There is no need for this added criteria to conduct a humane exchange.

If we can dissect this very word “Religion” itself; we shall then one day realise their frivolous (or perhaps violent) redundancy to human progress. And hopefully move on to live, cherish and realise every moments physically at present.

“Re” = A repeat; A pattern. And “- Legion” = of soldiers as legionnaire to influence, dominate and conquer to preserve “faith” for the “supernatural”…. This vision is not rationally compassionate. I just cannot see it. I am sorry.

Nathan Dumlao @ Unsplash.com

The fallacy of Humility – as unlimited charity.

Another reason I forward as Religion’s redundancy – is that of its sheer ignorance to assume that human nature (and perhaps all of fauna) are all forever self-compensatory in all events of dangers, threats and scarcities.

I must admit that likewise similar assumption of “faith” is also apparent in my book; since it is largely based more or less the nuanced resilient benefits of the Ketogenic nutritional principles; which mimics to Fasting.

Does that mean I should Fast forever, as my codex of living? Absolutely not. Does that mean that abstaining carbohydrates forever therefore is my mark of humility? That is absurd.  I need my carbohydrate refeeds to reset my leptin, thank you. I can be very selective of “food” because my concern on their use is based on context/s be it metabolic (digestibility / readiness / sensitivities) and sociological (degrees of access) circumstances. Thus I remain neutral and impartial to “food”.

I see food as precursors to glycogen, fatty acids, amino acids and ketones. “Religion” on the other hand – blindly follows blanketed notion of perpetual “faith”. Religion is never impartial to how it daringly labels entire human “beings” as binary semantics. It just forces you to keep believing into this binary subscription perpetually forever. That either you are black or white. Purity or evil. Noble or reckless.

I must assert that I bear no frowns against those dedicating their lives and efforts to charity “work”. Indeed more than what I can praise in a single line – they are representatives of unconditional service for the greater many. However sadly they are indoctrinated behind this “unconditionality” servitude. Unbeknownst for believing that their very own lives are owned and claimed by an entity illustriously, majestically, ethereally – claimed to be so super natural – they cannot help but succumb to hear voices other than their authentic own.

Religion assumes that charity is a force of compassion; backed by unlimited contingencies should one thing depletes to keep all symbiosis of this act of charity, “purity”, or nobility servitude – alive, enabled and going. Sadly – this is absurd and hardly representative to the sacrificial biological, metabolical, chemical however you wish to call it – chaotic cycles of nature.

I could deadlift for however as long as I want – but if I cannot afford anymore extra strength Aspirin (or should my stomach lining is destroyed) or Tylenol (or addiction to it), surgeries or physio appointments – all for earning my next entry at the next weightlifting champion event, all in the so called name of “God” – or for the next cancer research foundation – then is it my fault then is it for that I am not a man of purity? Is it my fault that I can no longer afford my monthly Oxfam® charity donation – yet alone affording my petrol to go for that next job interview – required sacrifice of my own meals for the week?

Well, in the virtuosity of Religion – their answer is “yes”. I am condemned for being not “good” enough for that I am unable to simultaneously accomodate all circumstances.

Timothy Meinberg @ Unsplash.com

Wrapping it up.

The Mouse Utopia Experiment reminds us all that abundance can indeed be defiled, misused and abused. The underlying reason to this is from the interpretation between what is “use” and what is “abuse”. Which remains yet to be individually reconciled at a biological level at interpreting what “enough” means.

If you are an institutionalised conforming pedestrian, you will have no idea what I have just written. If you are already living comfortably within your means, then none of this project including my book; appeals any relevance to you.

Only that once upon waves of change are at you / AGAINST you or when you have run out of contingencies to keep living the way you are right now – then you will realise – all the above will one day form a picture that ONLY YOU CAN RELATE TO. So that one day, they will make sense to only you. That is – an initiation to reconcile your own interpretation of what enough means as part of embarking your own self-authenticity away from a previously-subscribed, excessively institutionalised, Pedestrian Normalcy.

One thing we can all make a start; is to question our existing stories of life and that of our liabilities to external benefactors.

Muriel Rukeyser, after all once said, “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

I leave it up to you whether you are dreamers or walkers.

My definition or such element/s of “Utopia” admittedly is far from perfect. It may not even be pragmatically feasible. But it is at least what I envision to be logisticallyrational. If I am however further and further institutionally coerced to merge with anything of same oneness to that of “societal normalcy” – then I shall likely refuse. 

If fairness of distribution hasn’t ever reached in my lifetime; then at least I know and one day will die comfortably knowing; that at the very least – solidarity or search for solitude – remains to be the most logistical route of rationalising who and what I am to this world. This logic, this influence; of “The Beautiful Ones” – at least – has been unknowingly a ubiquitous part of me all along since birth.

One “Life” after all, is only “One more” – either gentle or eventually rational – suicide. 


So it ends my thoughts on the Mouse Utopia. Please leave your comments below.
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(Part 2/3) Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia : My Thoughts

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This is part 2 of my write up on the Mouse Utopia. Read the first part here.

By now – chances are you would have formed many of your own conclusion/s. I certainly have my own. Thus, below I present my four “food for thoughts” plus an extended conclusion.


“The Beautiful Ones”; what are our’s (and mine’s) human signs?

Japanese men are isolating themselves away from both the pedestrian race for marriage, and institutionalised raising of traditional family setting/s. More visible signs of Gynocentrism 2.0. More men going their own way. Single parenthood on the rise; further straining the economies around the world.

Me? I can definitely relate much to the characteristics behind John Calhoun’s perception of “The Beautiful Ones”. At least, beyond amongst my teenage years as being stoic and “shy”. Awkwardness, inability to vocally express my opinions immediately within conversational settings. I even was once called by a female a gentle “teddy bear”.

I have lived through sweaty palms and butterfly stomachs; only to have survived one day to the next in the locker rooms, the toilets during recess and lunches, and all the way to sitting right at the front of the school-bus.

…Yet undoubtedly, I have remained back since then to this day – cautious and visually observant; for any perceived social chaos. I take every chance of understanding chaos by simply not participating.

But through observations. I find this completely serene and peaceful. By having a choice not to join any group of “friends”. Or submitting my allegiance whether permanent or temporary – towards any tribe or any particular belonging. I always knew, down from this gut-feeling – that most if not all – of my own, inert liberal thoughts and opinions – would be rendered VOID,RIDICULED, challenged or just plainly – rejected anyway or anyhow necessary by someone else’s insecurities and jealousy. 

After all, how easy is it to ever not participate in any war; any violence or any conflict. Or debating differences in opinions. Just by observing and studying these “noise” – all from a distance? Let them have all their noise.

But what happens if I am abruptly intervened or insisted as peer pressure? Now, that to me – is an institutionalised coercion. Even if there is some sort incentives, or “prizes” to benefit from participating in such situations I would remain wary and cautious. For example:

  1. If I do not compete I “won’t feel validated”.
  2. If I do not join I will miss out the “fun” (or for any other reasons extending this sole aspect of “fun”).

I feel increasingly convinced – that me being exposed and being seen (or enticed) for submitting to such incentive/s makes me feel either one or both of these two things – a breach of my secular, primal privacy and/or guilt exposition (aka. ’embarrasments’.). 

If I were to be “relocated” in an environment far from where I am; secluded and sheltered amongst a private few to all of a sudden – a nightclub full of women….. I’d be the FIRST to make a quiet exit.

This is ironic given that pornography and beautiful women; have always been – both a curse (vocational “distraction”), an escape as well as primal consolation to any man.

You would think that despite I am physiologically able at surviving 4 days each of 300+ rep depletion training on poverty macros – surely approaching women is the last of my worries. A delusional luxury.

I am however somewhat remain (characteristically as Calhoun termed to) as “retarded.”.

Recall that within the worst Phases (from “C” and “D”) of Universe 25 experiment – Calhoun did attempt to reinitiate normal/prior reproductive instincts by relocating his “Beautiful Ones”; both the “beautiful” men and women elsewhere far in another Universe. Within this world then introduced a series of “normal” mice free of any disorders; as hopeful mating potentials.

…Sadly, no reproductions ever occurred.

The Beautiful Ones exhibited symptoms similar to naiveness, mental retardation/s and prior habitual urges – seemingly for self-isolation. There was no initiation of desires to reproduce; but only continuation of prior habits. Isolating themselves by any means necessary; be it occupying new territory and mark it as their own – just as they were back when they lived throughout their lives in the prior Universe 25.

But have I changed? Absolutely. Although a portion of me somewhat remains the same.

If I am either led or provoked – to any potentially meaningful conversational debates ranging from Ketogenic protocol/s, the failure of our economics system, Resource Based Economy, Objectivities Versus Subjectivities of “Science” and Philosophy, I guarantee anyone to become overwhelmed. That is; overwhelmed by their most-likely opinion of me in one straight sentence:

They will NEVER consider me as either obedient nor conformingly – Institutionalised.

I am intellectually disruptive; or perhaps yet the most repulsive person anyone (or perhaps you) could ever meet face to face.

Beneath of all of this, a part of me remains unchanged. That is, I have been increasingly accepted and tolerant of solidarity all along; should nothing provokes, invites or led me to partake such conversational debates.

I dare say that majority of readers hardly ever admit that they are being institutionally coerced; given how ironically exposed they are to such coercive predispositions one way or another. Hence, everyone at some stage (or yet perhaps for the rest of their life) are already subject to have been or will carry amongst some traits; of The Beautiful Ones.

…Visually composed, yet at times; somewhat “retarded.” Or at least hardly admitting they are not invincible.

I am no exception. I dare even to say (and thus admit) to myself that I am “retarded”. But at least, I am not blind over anything surrounding me. I perceive ignorance as bliss; and vice versa.

I have known and lived thus far for accepting – that solidarity is nonetheless a very appealing part as well as the most logical pathway – to resume my needs for primal privacy and hence –  my own secular thoughts for Self-Authenticity. Because there is no invitation for violence.

There is no need to, is there? Only personal reconcilement of what I can and cannot do.


Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Tj-Holowaychuk @ Unsplash


The Mouse Utopia study at least remind us one reality – there is no God.

Under grave danger; there is only one of two possibilities.

You either sink or swim.

No “God” may ever levitate you out of such misery. Completely heals or remove a scar. Or “compensate” you for any loss of blood through injury or any loss of ATP molecules from fight vs flight mechanism for evading – any or all such dangers.

There is no such thing as divine intervention. Only human intervention. “God” is only a cosmetic, sensationalised affirmation of the impossible. Man only creates belief out of speculations in times of calamity or uncertainties. Speculation thus is mere confidence. Hence, the origins of “Faith”.

I implore such devouts from all “Religion/s” to please; reconsider your interpretations of reality.

If we look at the life-sustaining parameters within Universe 25; that is the food, the water and the seemingly perfect climate all as provided – I would bet that the mice would interpret John Calhoun himself as THEIR “GOD”. At least, we know for a fact that they can see him. They lived through the miracles he created and provided for all within the Universe’s capacity.

Calhoun was after all (amongst also; his other human volunteers); who provided the environment, the food + water enough for at least 15,000 population count; and also absolute safe haven away – from any predatorial confounders for migratory violence. Such things are ABSOLUTE MIRACLES.

….Suppose that he was indeed a “God” yet what happened? The experiment ended a total nightmare.

Is “God” therefore – a compassionate being of the high above to have nonetheless granting the mice such terrifying demise? Did the mice morally deserve such that they met their own extinction? Is it rational to assume therefore that we should all just keep believing that God exists anyway, or anyhow?

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Photo by CloudVisual on Unsplash

My answer? Is a solid “NO”.

Why? Because there are biological markers and precursors to behaviour. What moves you to have any intent – requires some cascading objective processes within your body called the pituitary gland aka the “master gland”, hormones, endicronology, then streams downwards to nervous system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, muscular system. Just to name a few.

You own your body, and your behaviours; and that’s what makes you – an individualised – you. You are not “me”. Therefore, I do not own “you”, do I? Of course not.

Religion? Seemed more like political confounders to behaviour. Think about it, if there’s a “Bible”, a “Gospel” or the Quran for us Humans – then what would those be for mice? Is there a moral “Bible” for mice?

Even if “God” exists – what message is there in some way of divine intervention to the experiment? Even if you “believe” God exist as the ultimate “decider” of “Justice” – who shall “God” deservedly punish then; for all these mass genocidal experiment/s? John Calhoun? His human volunteers? The Mice? Or his “Beautiful Ones”?

Irrespective, we will ALL die anyway regardless whether for good or bad; morality consciousness. Regardless of intent. Does God therefore have a “rightful say” in all of this? No. Because there is simply no tangibly manifested entity which we could see, talk, or interact with from such a “God” at all for us to get an answer (if any) in the first place.

Should “God” therefore rightfully intervenes or acts on our physiological behalf without our consenting – conscience? Should “God” therefore owns all of your actions?

Once again, a big fat “No”.

It makes no further sense to simply believe that “God” objectively exists in this physically tangible universe; with physically evident manifestation. Scriptures are mere literature. Coercively; they are all scripted, period. If “God” does exist, miracles should objectively and tangibly also exist at our every whimsical desires. Entropy would not exist. DNA would not corrode. Morality construct should be eternally linear from human to the next. We should all have been “immortal”.

….Except unadmittedly; we’re not.


Vernon Ho @ Stocksnap.io
Vernon Ho @ Stocksnap.io


We are more alike to each other than previously thought.

No gender is different nor preferential on the basis of what “he” or “she” can or cannot do.

Even a man can get pregnant. A woman can have as much muscular potential as men too; given if she’s willing enough to not think about shoes all day long just the same as us guys not thinking about sex either and actually do some DAMN workout. Yet also, women can have things their way, too; it seems.

Calhoun observed there were similarities inbetween males AND females – levels of aggression for achieving dominance, territorial defense and control. In fact, throughout Phases C & D – females were seemingly just as aggressive, and destructive to any passerby to her nesting sites; as well as (grimly) to that of even harming her own young. Given that visual chaos was literally – everywhere.

In times of chaos and/or instincts towards self-preservation – moral decay seemed evenly valid across both genders.

I have talked about this before in my book and I will say this again. The differences between men and women are much lesser than about legitimising who bears the worser, “better” or “lesser” circumstances of a human being. 

It is much less about believing who actually experiences symptoms of “PMS’s” uniquely as though it applies to women only; that is – blood sugar disregulations (diabetes? Hepatic / Pancreatic / Peripheral Insulin resistance?), anxiety + depression (neurotransmitter imbalance?), or “suicidal” (lack of validation?). It is less about instilling such a belief that one gender is more susceptible towards a particular type of cancer over another (eg. breast cancer is for women than it is for men’s prostrates).

Regardless. We all get cancers. Each cancer might be different in their development and manifestation; but they are still cancers. Humans are humans. We can both reason and kill, period. Giving a woman a gun is much of the same way as a desire for twisting every words to win a divorce court case (for maximum child support + alimony + bigger homes + bigger wardrobe).

…Dear all disagreeing feminist, keyboard-totting SJW’s  – your screams and shouts are welcome. Already your disgust and contempts against me just shows your own ignorance; that you are just as susceptibly hostile to us men as we are too; against one another. Admit it.

Yes, I admit metabolically (hormonal balance) ; men and women are different. Well, we all have hormones. Everything may be contextually frame driven as variable confounders. Any “Outcome/s” on the other hand – are static as they inevitably arrive as a physical moment (or phenomena) one and all the same.

I would place my bet that given some right frame of time, some right frame of social circumstance / arrangement, some right frame of hormonal profiling at best coinciding to all these criteria – any woman can susceptibly become a sex addict. Even more so than men. Should a male is unable to provide to a woman’s every whimsical desires (beyond chocolates, investment properties and Mercedes); she will look for any next “potential/s” whose resources surpasses her current mate’s providing capacity.

It is that simple. Man or woman; nobody is benign or harmless. Everybody is innocent, violent and repulsive. All of these motivated by curiosities and self-interests. No exceptions.

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Andrew Gook @ Unsplash


Loss of meaning of “work”. Biology as “purpose”.
Material as “reward.”

Work is “Life”; colloquially, metaphorically and analogously by interpretations- for many people. At least for most of us – “work” consumes a significant chunk of our biological clock. I am guilty as such as that even of my 300-rep volume resistance training each for four days per week is also indicative likewise – as “Work”.

…Unless of course – if you are amongst the top 1%. Your interpretation of “Work” is likely received to be less biologically implicating. But rather likely expressed to be more as vain or social privilege.

The mice within Universe 25 was confined as such as that their perception of ‘meaningfulness’ is reduced to a simpleton. Incentives was already provided for to just sustain life and nothing more. What is terrifyingly relevant this to us humans is that even from just eating, sleeping and grooming (be it from exercise and intuitive nutritional / metabolic discipline) in well and adequate shelters – also already fulfils our nutritive and physiological sustenance anyway.  

A heaven without progressive incentives unless introduced from another realm does almost sound – like a routinely and orderly – prison.

Sounds familiar?

Even if we do not (yet) live in an accessibly infinite resource abundance – we are still living in an age of ever-perpetual conflict/s which concern two overlapping things.

1 – the Seeking for meaningful things, and 2 – the reciprocal preaching / influencing – of such meaningful things.

Upon waking up to your alarm clock all the way to greeting the reception beyond the glass panels before tending to fake milestone deadlines, angry bosses and office donuts as incentives towards so called “employees-morality” programme. Back home it’s angry wife, crying babies, $1,000 overdue council rates and low-fat $6 microwave weight Watchers® meal. Aka. our Pedestrian Normalcy.

The problem within our current “thus-far” preaching or influencing of anything meaningful unfortunately – still revolves around leverages or debt somewhere in the equation. To the point whereby we now ask ourselves – what is debt?  Should “debt” be repaid through spending our biological clocks through frivolous jobs?

I for one; do lose faith from time to time as I am guilty of preaching my career of chosen profession industry – that is – graphic design and creativity. Making other people “look” concisely good is all that matters. Until 15 year old teenagers with Creative Cloud subscriptions undercuts me, and my prior seven years+ of agencies experience.

…Until society (dear employers) looks at me blankly then asks me “what else” can I contribute beyond just a graphic designer to make myself “competitive”? The only reasonable or “objective” answer it seems; is to lower my expected income to that of a 15 year old teenager.

Meanwhile, my persistent curiosities; ranging from nutrition, science and philosophy – still to this day are met with blank silence amongst all interview tables.

To me those pursuits are biologically more meaningful than glamourising pixels for mere “Advertising”.

One question I’d like to ask to the Pedestrian Normalcy is – (dear “employers” of all corners of the Earth) – do you get ever satisfied with all of these that I can do? It seems thus far, you are not. For every ten point job criteria upon recruitment – overlaps another ten undisclosed just ahead before resignation.

It was not until I learn much about ourselves through physiology and nutrition (as I learned much of that through sustaining myself away from institutionalised dietary “guidelines”)  – that having a biological purpose of meaning far outweighs – the value – of material meaning. Not to say however materialism plays no conducive role to civilisation – they objectively and meritocratically nonetheless do as means of reward.

What I learn so far is this – materialism or luxury is the reward. Biology, understanding and empathy – are the meaning/s.

What worries me therefore, is the widening gap and distorted accepted interpretations between the two. You may not ever believe this; but eight people now owns 50% of the world’s wealth. That’s just eight people. Figure “8”; just enough people to fit in a minibus. Now – shall we accept this paradigm to continue?

So, my hunch; seems to revolve around what could possibly be the biggest social civil unrest the world – will inevitably happen. Just from the widening (and coercive) argumentative contrasts of the above interpretations. I do not know when this war breaks out. But I know – that it will somehow happen – within my lifetime.

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Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia

(Part 1/3) Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia : The Study

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Within my manuscript, there are two (big) realms of discussions I decidedly omit (to keep overall readability concise) – Overpopulation, and Social Privacy. Having recently stumbled upon the works of John Calhoun (most notably for his mouse “Universe” experiments) however – almost stopped me in my tracks as I gradually understand the volatile relationships between those two very large and intertwined – issues of our time.  

That published study, as grimly titled “Death Squared: The Explosive Growth and Demise of Mouse Population” attempted at exploring all such curiosities of establishing a Perfect world just that. A “Universe” without end of consumable resources.

A world where “Climate Change” does not exist. An environment with resources so abundant for perpetual consumption whereby literally – there’s just nothing – as in meritocratically nor objectively nothing – to steal out of anyone for anything of “value”.

No instruments of exchange. Or instrument of ‘debt’. Or credit cards. Or mortgages.

…My goodness.

The “Perfect” Universe (for mice).

All physical aspects of this world – was set. What was left, were simply the behaviours of all citizens and their overall outcomes for assessment.

Beyond infinite abundance (that is; infinite food availability), but also safe protection from outside predators (absolutely NO outside interventions/alien contributors for violence). With consistent climate control; all practically given and set consistently throughout the life of this Universe’s study. 

Enclosed within this Utopia – were numerous “apartments” capable for supporting up to 4,000 mice citizens. Litters and all waste were cleaned (voluntarily by humans obviously) regularly ensuring that no external / environmental bacterial infections ever becomes a confounding bio-chemical threat.

According from the published study itself  – the overall food and water availability / prepared abundance was so immense; that it became inconsequential as a detrimental factor to the entire experiment unless the population reached 9,500 (for food intakes) and 6,144 (for water intakes). 

“Space” available within this Universe #25; be it for social, tribal / territorial divisions, off-spring bearing, expansion/s and raising; were at least designed to be considered plentiful. Even though the mice could not “climb” out of the gated / walled Universe; the apartments were so plentiful that any fear of “overspilling” weren’t practically possible unless if the population exceeded more than (exactly) 3,840 mice at any given time.

All psycho social aspects; from maternity, nurturing / bonding aspects, mating, reproductive frequencies were assessed throughout the (almost) 1600-day written observational records.

Of course, given the various sentiments of the study’s recipient amongst the public (and Scientific) communities; arguments concurring for and against – of the mice’s behavioural analogy towards human characteristics or traits still remain disputable for decades even to this day. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to read the end of the actual published paper itself; as Calhoun attempted to address most (though not perhaps not all) skeptical counter arguments and feedbacks.

Throughout the 1600 days of observations – four (4) phases or overall evolutions; were noted.

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Jeremy Bishop @ Unsplash


Phase A “Strive”.

The “Genesis” in this Universe began with introducing four pairs of “Adam and Eves”. Them being the first ever citizens; freely exploring and roaming the “planet”. Effectively triggering the first of the four phases or evolutions – of which Calhoun titled as “Strive”.

This was simply a phase of exploration and adjustments within the Universe’s environment and the mice’s early calculative perception of distances between one “apartment” to the next. As well as how accessible were the consumable resources (food + water) throughout. Early territorial divisions were noted as the first early settlements. However, territorial or social dominance or sighted conflicts inbetween any of these early territorial establishments; was not yet observationally significant.

A brave new world began. The curtain was opened.

Phase B – “Growth”.


Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Davide Ragusa @ Unsplash

An exponential increase in populations were noted across all communities; given that some signs of territorial boundaries seemed established.

Population growth were immense; almost doubling over from previously recorded quota for every 55 days (“20, 40, 80, 160, 320 to 620”).  Mating events successfully occurred as soon as sexual maturity between the sexes were reached.

Throughout days #86 to #338 saw an interesting division of population density dictated as per by their locale / territorial divisions. Meaning that even though food + water supply was scattered as evenly throughout and both easily accessible – some areas of the Universe seemed distinctly more concentrated in sexual mating events. Thus, greater population density were observed within that geographical area MORE than others.

Social hierarchical system/s began to take shape and order seemingly by ways of Dominance. “Dominance”; as what Calhoun hypothesized – seems to be largely based on how “active” the males population were in initiating all sexual reproductive instincts. Seemingly towards such a goal of producing the highest number of offsprings possible. He termed these role/s as “Social Velocity”.

The more a space existed with younger communities; the much higher probability existed amongst the dominant and most active males can easily thus be found to perpetuate greater reproductive successes. They seemed to propagate mostly on the SOUTH WESTERN side of the Universe.

…The older / oldest population however; seemed increasingly “pushed” to the other corner of the Universe (NORTH EASTERN of the Universe). This area produced the fewest offsprings compared to its opposite “younger” geographical location.

As explained straight from the source study: “The north east brood group produced only 13 young in 252 days where as the opposite South West brood group produced over eight times as many, 111.” (Calhoun, J. 1973).


Phase C – “Stagnation”.


Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Peter Lewicki @ Unsplash

Overall population began to plateau. In some areas they even declined; due to signs of increasingly violent activity from rising attempt for dominances amongst the male (and later on – females).

As such competitions grew increasingly fiercer so too; did the rates upon which the lesser active and the lesser dominant males – seemed increasingly isolated or wounded, or even killed by the nearby invasions.

Many seemingly became much rather – open victims to the more active males as claimants for further dominance. Whoever was submissive – killed brutally by “packs”. Much akin to our own gang warfare/s.

The growing numbers of “passive” males – especially those who were attacked + scarred by much of the more competitive and dominant participants – congregated further and further – towards  the very epicentre of the entire Universe.

Few seemingly able to self-defend; as many grew meek and submissive. Worse, the “centre” eventually became a confusing mix of the prior passive to now then turned – violent disruptions against one another. Especially when others were asleep, some (seemingly) took this opportunity for compounding further attacks and invasions. 

Maternity roles; upon which the females responsibly nurture their young as optimally and healthily as possible – seemed increasingly abandoned & neglectedCalhoun noted:

“Females transported their young to several sites, during which process some where abandoned. Many litters of a young age on one survey disappeared before the next survey….Such abandoning of young following survey disturbance is a particularly sensitive index of dissolution of maternal behaviour.” (Calhoun, J. 1973)

Almost all nesting sites that were well protected – now ploughed in the process as a result; from the ensuing invasions for attempts at establishing any proximity for totalitarian, singular dominance. Exposing the females to further greater threats; thus overtime taking place of males roles which were quite unusual, with such aggression matching to that of their male cohort. 

Whilst chaos persisted in the background – many who survived such nevertheless able to have found new territories as seemingly unoccupied solitary spaces. Far and away from violent participations.

Since then, these survivors were later named by Calhoun – as “The Beautiful Ones”.


Phase D – “Death”.


Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
David Cohen @ Unsplash

From the day #600 onwards; more deaths were observed than births.

Any or all attempts made by the mice themselves to increase overall population growth – seemed futile, ineffective and/or even redundant (see next paragraph below). Mating events now became disruptive and unusual. 

At this stage seemingly conformed towards homosexuality and/or even familial incests. In-between genders and even same maternal line courtships; began proliferating in huge number of attempts. All expressions of resistance; contributed to more violence, as a result.

Males were frequently seen mounting with whomever irrespective of gender. The young from same maternal bloodlines even attempted mounting one with another. Only a few numbers of births occurred, but this was greatly offsetted AND overwhelmed by the rising number of deaths amongst (almost) all mice groups.  

Perhaps the most interesting, was the rise (as well as solitary deaths) of the seemingly passive and non-warring participants whom Calhoun called “The Beautiful Ones”. These mice were not only exemplary of hoarding and overly protective – of their individualistic needs for solitude and simple living (that is – eating, “grooming”, and sleeping; on constant repeat). But curiously – their sexual reproductive instincts / desires – seemed non-existent.  

Their almost absence of interests for reconciling any primal needs or urges; to either eat in close-togetherness in company of other rats or inciting mating instincts however – were unusual.

However they did not incite nor evoke – random acts of violence either. They eat, sleep and groom themselves exemplarily on repeat. Bleached white skin, gentle furs, large alert and bright red eyes. Free from battle-scars and chewed/wounded tails.

Meanwhile – an increasingly premature abandonment from mothers and their children from the previous Phase (“C”) became more prevalent. Any signs of traditional raising patterns were almost null.  

The last known recorded conception was noted in Day #920.

However, from there on; all inhabitants of Universe 25  proceeds to decline rapidly; seemingly headed for total extinction. Deaths from all territorial wars for dominance nevertheless ensued; presumably as desparate attempts re-initiating any or all – successful birth & reproductive outcomes.

Even if new births were successful; the offsprings were immediately abandoned. Mortality rates increased quickly as compounded by the (solitary) deaths of The Beautiful Ones from old age. So too combined with premature deaths from any or all newborn youth; due to complete absence of parental and traditional raising patterns.

Inbetween all of the above; calamity and violence continued to persist. All in the background. “The Beautiful Ones” continued subsisting in solitary spaces; yet also their fates unknowingly sealed before their own eyes – their own solitary deaths.

A mosaic of uncertainties and hysteria persisted. Until upon the arrival of day #1588 – was marked as the final day of Universe 25. 

An “inexorable decline”; as Calhoun wrote – marked the end of it all. What was left and recorded as final population count on this day – were just twenty-three (23) females and four (4) males.  


…The curtain was closed.


Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Elijah Flores @ Unsplash

The theory behind the decline – “Behavioural Sink” & its Critic/s

Whilst indeed grim; and their observational results cannot ever be denied nor falsified – the mice truly did die off (almost) completely. 
Understandably what little of optimism received amongst journalism, media and the scientific communities so far from back then; still to this day nevertheless maintains some very active debates.


Understanding ‘Behavioural Sink’

In short – through concentrated population density in any given localised area alone; leads to an observed hopelessness or overall hysteria of no return.

As from what Calhoun stated: all prior psycho-social sustenance and homeostasis became increasingly disturbed due to these further signs as observed below :

“…Many [female rats] were unable to carry pregnancy to full term or to survive delivery of their litters if they did. An even greater number, after successfully giving birth, fell short in their maternal functions. Among the males the behavior disturbances ranged from sexual deviation to cannibalism and from frenetic overactivity to a pathological withdrawal from which individuals would emerge to eat, drink and move about only when other members of the community were asleep. The social organization of the animals showed equal disruption.”

This “sinking” of moral cooperation was also thought to be dictated by the mice’s primal patterns of eating. Which were greatly motivated / confounded by the strength of social relativity and bonding with whomever else within their relative proximity of desire to, well – “eat”. In other words, the less the mice were seen accompanied with others in close proximity during times of eating – the less likely they would simply – eat, and only thus remain in isolation away from any company.

To put this in human analogies may yet sound strange – but nobody likes to be seen as “eating alone”. In some contexts, the “behavioural sink” theory nevertheless does somewhat resembles a-human like predicament.

Such that we are more likely to eat – in the presence of other socially motivated individuals whose settings of encouragement are to simply, well –  “eat”. Of course this is somewhat of a generalisation. But given if there is so much infinite abundance of food; this theory does remain valid as such that if you are indeed alone with nothing but food around you – then a high “probability” would suggests you to not eat as much; unless if you are surrounded by like-minded people, with like-minded interests to once again – “consume” together.

But consider those who DO find it perfectly fine for themselves to eat alone – the very affirmed “acceptance” itself alone – after all- is that not a CHOICE to be decided for amongst the individual him/herself; are they not?

Thus – we have the above question; which nevertheless remained somewhat unclarified from John Calhoun – was there ever existing a point of decision-making amongst the mice to be able decide amongst them”selves”? Or a point by which the mice has had to make a “choice” whether to “join” the wider, (yet albeit) more violent and competitive tribe or to simply perish alone through solidarity deaths (from old age?)?

This question inevitably pointed us to a legitimate critic against this theory.

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia
Geralt @ Pixabay.com

Excess Totalitarian “In”-clusivity VS embracing social “Ex”-clusivity.

Psychologist Jonathan Freedman legitimately raised a critique against Calhoun’s Behavioural Sink theory that it was not so much about the physical aspect of “overcrowdedness” that played the biggest role for the mice’s drastic decline in population growth.

But rather – the already seemingly enforced expectation – for social in-teractivity rather than embracing or accepting – social ex-clusivity.

This may seem difficult to understand. But Dr. Edmund Ramsden summed it up in two part/s:

“…Moral decay could arise not from density, but from excessive social interaction,” and this one ” It was the unwanted unavoidable social interaction that drove even fairly social creatures mad,” (Ramsden, E. 2008).

Note the word “unwanted”. Perhaps this therefore hints that the mice did nevertheless attempt to choose for and amongst; themselves. Yet of course, given the near distance to chaos everywhere – the majority succumbed to join or “surrender” to the more violent tribes. Hence, “choices” were seemingly hinted as visibly there, but overwhelmed by something else more forceful. Hence, possible structural coercions and/or violence.

But what about those who survived and found solace in sparse, distant locale’s; aka the rise of The Beautiful Ones? NOW THIS is where this debate gets interesting.

These survivors’ behaviours also somewhat appeared to be a gradual instinct to counter or resist against the more violent and dominant invasive tribes. Perhaps because these mice have collectively observed from plain sight therefore; then to act as accordingly and as rationally akin to us humans; as a result from witnessing the increasingly more imbalance of social diversity.

In other words, perhaps they were given (some) liberal hope to make a choice. It’s either participate in the violence or die. 

These instincts we knew so far – namely the subdued sexual instincts yet simple-minded mice who did nothing but eating, grooming and sleeping – nevertheless did show perhaps – an evolutionary outcome from having found environmental solace against any excess – totalitarian in-clusivity and in-teractivity.

On the other hand – their needs for privacy for leading such a simple life (eat, groom, sleep, repeat) – could then indeed be seen as such an ex-clusivity that the nearby “alpha” or “dominant” males or the invasive ‘tribes’ seemingly did not support.

Nevertheless, below are still “open-ended” questions that warrant further discussions:

  1. Perhaps the mice nevertheless do resemble (akin to us); possessing qualitative instincts for ratifying other social hierarchy? Much akin to us to how we perceive different social classes via Structural Classism? Whereby we are more inclined to be somewhat submissive to whomever else’s markers of powers; be it territorial dominance, or immediate surface “Alpha” characteristics – to allow control, rule and coercions – by overwhelming those of lesser characteristics?
  2. Were the mice able to identify threats and anxiety simply by mere observation which then enables them to rationalise their logistical decisions accordingly? Aka. Decision Making? Or making a choice for amongst themselves? This is somewhat unclarified; however yet only hinted thus far ONLY as plausible; as per by Dr. Ramsden’s statement above as “unwanted” social interaction.
  3. Were the mice then / therefore – capable of showing self-comparative emotions similar to ours such as envy, jealousy, or insecurity? If so, these already validates question(s) 1 through to 2.


Matthew Hamilton @ Creative Commons
Matthew Hamilton @ Creative Commons

…So what are “my” thoughts?

It depends on what context this question is aimed at.

If it were me being squarely asked whether I believe the Behavioural Sink theory holds applicably true for humans? I’d say both yes and no. However, at this point of time; it is very difficult indeed to get past my Nihilistic reaction – that for all the reason/s I’m going to write them here is simply not practical to be covered in this one article.

Hence, read on here to proceed for part 2 whereby I will be splitting my thoughts into several points. 


In the meantime however; now is the time for all of us to gather and seriously reflect from this study. Whether you “agree” or “not agree” of this study’s relevance to human biology and psychology – I still nevertheless would like to hear your views.
This Is™ Humility - Whey Cheesecake

This Is Humility™ Whey Cheesecake

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<insert long winded childhood foodie love / infatuation / crush / salivating food-porn story here>.

How else can you make whey protein cheesecake under six bucks?

Ingredients & Pricing

  1. 250g ALDI Lyttos® Natural greek yoghurt. ($3.50 for 1kg tub) or 250g of Brooklea® fat free yoghurt ($2.80 for 1kg tub for a lesser fat content). $1.40 used up.
  2. 1x whole egg. (one 12x 600g carton of egg = $2.00 – $2.50). 18 cents used up.
  3. 1x Whole tub / 250g ALDI lite cream cheese($2.20-$2.40 per small tub). $2.20 used up.
  4. 50/50 casein + WPC 15g each = 30g total / 1 whole scoop. the most dominant flavoured you use will be the flavour you’ll end up with ($30-$32 per kg).  $1 used up.
  5. (optional) 3 tsp psyllium husk for extra fibre content. ($6 per 250g bag). 8 Cents used up.
  6. Two levelled teaspoon of 100% Monk fruit powder or a Stevia (be sure to cycle this one vs Monk Fruit overtime) / Sucralose-based sweetener of your choice. Amount will obviously vary especially if there’s errythol used. (pricing varies, let’s just use 15 cents used up as  gross approximation each serve). Say $12 per satchel or container for gross approximation sake.

Tallying up the price – it takes $57AUD as “Recipe Initial Investment”. And it takes $5 to make each cake. You could make up to eleven (11) glorious cheese cakes. You know exactly what goes within it. If you earn a very comfortable $75,000 Australian FIAT dollars (aka worthless currency) per annum (excluding tax) – you should be able to comfortably make this two every week. EVERY WEEK of the year.

What’s $520 Dollars ($5 times 2 = $10 per week; $10 times 52 weeks per year = $520) per year means to you?


Preheat your oven to 150 degree Celcius.

Many advocates on warming the cream cheese. Either leaving it on counter for several hours (on summer heat) or gently microwaving it (on defrosting mode) for a minute or two. Understandably this creates a more moist result. In my opinion and experience however this is not “necessary”. What’s important is that for as long as you blend it nicely and evenly in the next step below.

Go combine all ingredients together. Get your electric mixer out and blend. I recommend to actually “hand-mix” slowly first for a few seconds or until all things are clumped neatly together and then turning on the power. Otherwise, many bits will go all over the place too soon.

Blend for about a full minute or two. Remember we’re not actually making protein fluff here (that is; blending for up to 5 minutes straight). Full on thickened up sludge is not what we’re looking for.  Some runniness is necessary.

Prepare yourself a 6 inch or less (for a taller but a smaller diameter cake) baking pan. Lightly spray with a non-stick spray (I’m using a non-gmo Canola). I’m using baking circular pan with a removeable bottom so once the cake “sets” in after the fridge-store overnight, I can just “push” from the bottom and finger crossed everything still sets in place.

Then, it’s time to bake. Bake for 30 minutes at preheated 150 degrees celsius. After this 30 minutes have passed – touch the surface. If it wobbles slightly then turn down the heat to 60 degrees celsius and bake for another 30 minutes.

Fridge it at least overnight. It should be somewhat firm yet still prove a little bit of softness when you cut it through.  If it is still somewhat wobbly, try to put in the freezer for a few hours then transfer to the fridge for another few extra hours before eating. If you fridge’d these during the day, perhaps check it every six hours or so.

World Peace...
This Is™ Humility – Whey Protein Cheesecake

World Peace.


Whey Cheesecake Macros

The entire cake comprises of 1,210 calories, 32g of carbs, 96g of fats, 57g of protein. If split into four (4) serves you will get 302 calories, 8 grams of carbs, 14g of protein, and 24g of fats.

This is assuming you are using a full fat natural greek yoghurt version AND using regular ALDI® cream spread cheese. If using a ALDI Brooklea® Fat free version of yoghurt you will get (per serve) 247 calories, same 8g of carbs, 15g of protein and 18g of fats.

This Is™ Humility - Whey Protein Cheesecake

There you have it folks, enjoy! What or how do you make yours? Discuss in the comments below!