(Part 3/3) Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia : My conclusion

Having both read and analysed much of John Calhoun’s Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia experiment I feel compelled to have shared my thoughts as previously published in part 2: …That “Religion” is merely a scripted paternalism of orderly yet coercion. Sociological conformity expectations, handed down from one generation to […]

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(Part 2/3) Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia : My Thoughts

This is part 2 of my write up on the Mouse Utopia. Read the first part here. By now – chances are you would have formed many of your own conclusion/s. I certainly have my own. Thus, below I present my four “food for thoughts” […]

Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia

(Part 1/3) Universe 25 / Mouse Utopia : The Study

Within my manuscript (version 1.4 thus far), I decidedly omit two big topics (to keep overall readability concise) – Overpopulation, and Social Privacy. Having recently read the works of John Calhoun (most notably his mouse “Universe” experiments) did almost stopped me in my tracks as I […]

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This Is Humility™ Whey Cheesecake

<insert long winded childhood foodie love / infatuation / crush / salivating food-porn story here>. How else can you make whey protein cheesecake under six bucks? Ingredients & Pricing 250g ALDI Lyttos® Natural greek yoghurt. ($3.50 for 1kg tub) or 250g of Brooklea® fat free yoghurt […]