Coming soon : Nutritional Humility visual identity

Coming soon : Nutritional Humility visual identity

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Up and coming is my next side branding project in conjunction to my overall parent initiative This Is™ Humility. This time surrounding the visualised philosophy identity –  Nutritional Humility.

This is a visual identity to visually encompass and embodies the educational / motivational self-awareness skill/s as written in my manuscript Humility Through Frugality™. Nutritional Humility embodies all there is of accepting and embracing – essential nutritional sustenance across an individual’s lifespan.

Nutritional Humility is a perpetual, whollistic life-motivation concept towards establishing nutritive sustenance based on individualisation with progressive awareness, revisions and realisations all towards one goal / one concept = Nutritive Individualisation.

By understanding one’s own volatile differences of metabolic and nutritive physiology against dogmatic normalcies. By assessing and self-analysing overall consumption habits right down to the core details. From calorie intakes to food sensitivities. From training regiments to seasonal fluctuation of overall health and fitness. From embracing different dietary regiment of one to another.

These are what largely constitutes Nutritive Individualisation – as the individual scrutinise each nutrient, each food, each coercion, each belief, guideline or dogmatic influences’ – its variable Contexts, followed then by his or her variable – recipient Interpretations.

As inspired heavily from philosopher Friedrich Nietzche’s famous last words –  “There are no facts, only interpretations.”

Coming soon : Nutritional Humility visual identity
Promo banner as submitted to my Behance® profile

Nutritional Humility is essentially speaking – the essence, or the spirit behind the entirety of my manuscript itself. Encouraging its few (if any) readers to realise greater nutritive awareness that all is beyond hedonic fulfilment – but also physiological homeostasis AND socio-objective pursuits. And most importantly to reconcile that “Science” is inevitably – an open book of variable interpretations.

Branding + animated logo pending completion / coming soon.

Coming soon : Nutritional Humility visual identity
It's official - I have been studying

It’s official – I have been studying

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It's official - I have been studying

It’s official. I have decidedly returned to studying and also revamping my visual identity.

The last few weeks have seen me pretty much occupied surrounding upon my newest endeavour’s despite worsening financial circumstances – my will to return to studying in a new career pathway. Predominantly within the realms of Nutrition all at a certificate based level.

Before anyone asks if I am happy to accomodate yet another student debt…. no. That is only a pipe dream at best should one able to possess enough leverages to fulfill it.

What/where I’m studying

I decidedly not wishing; at this moment – disclosing openly as to what institution / education provider I am studying from.

If anyone insists otherwise that’d be only visibly accessible via my curriculum vitaes (of which I have a total three + summary condensed CV) over at my LinkedIN® profile.

Note however that I am yet to actually update the above collateral as I am also planning (and have been quite busy working around the clock for week/s) on the full actual rebranding of my visual identity.

Various work snaps of motion graphics update & typographic breakdowns below.

My primary website ( and also obviously – the rest of my printed collateral – are also still pending to numerous visual rework/s to match with the above entire rebrand styling and pallete.

Stay tuned when it all completes..