Humility Through Frugality (V2) – $50 A Week Part 2 / 2

Transferred Post June 10th, 2015 Continuing from previous section (as a manually retransferred post from 2015) we now focus on the Daily eating plans themselves as well as a conclusive “where to go from here”. Please note: many aspects of these previous / old articles […]

Humility Through Frugality (V2) – $50 A Week Part 1 / 2

Transferred post June 10th 2015 I had to admit; despite what life and all its’ pedestrian problems have thrown at me since the last seven months – I have nonetheless have found myself some personal solace as well as finding meaningful purpose/s from doing all […]

Humility Through Frugality Conceptual DIY Pocket Book

Transferred Post 6th June 2015 Since last week I have been very hard at working as a promise to finish writing my next blog article (How to embrace humility through frugality V2.0) and as well as proudly to present to you my conceptual DIY printed […]